Our Camps

OG Rock Camp

Age Range: 9 – 16

Our original rock camps were founded on the belief that students can learn from their peers at all ages, and that music transcends age. These camps provide a great environment for students of different ages and different skill levels to learn and make music together!

All experience levels are welcome, ranging from students with absolutely no experience playing an instrument, to students who have been taking lessons for a number of years.

This mixed environment allows students to learn from each other. Bands are typically divided based on age, playing level and instrumentation. Students are welcome and encouraged to try new instruments throughout the week!


Advanced Rock Camp

Age Range: 14 – 18

Advanced Camp has been developed for students who are keen on taking their musicianship to the next level. In addition to playing with a band and preparing a concert, students will also have lessons focusing on the music industry, marketing, recording and grant writing.

Experience on a principal instrument is required and audition videos can be sent to islandrockcamps@gmail.com


Songwriting Camp

Age Range: 14 – 18

Writing music is not something you are born with, but is a skill that is developed through practice and watching other great songwritings.

This camp is designed for students who have an interest in creating their own original content, this can include writing lyrics, chords, melodies and improvising.

During this camp students will be challenged with quick writes, co-writes, will experience workshops from local professional songwriters, and will learn to think about music in a new way.


Kids Rock

Age Range: 5 – 8 

This camp helps young learners continue exploring music and instruments in a fun environment. In addition to working on musical skills such as rhythm, beat and pitch, this camp also involves art activities, drama activities and daily physical activities.

Students ages 5 – 8 are welcome to attend, but it is a requirement that students age 5 have already attended their first year of school (entering grade 1 in the fall).

Students will have the opportunity to try many of the rock camp instruments (drums, guitar, keyboards, microphones), and will also sing, dance, move and play.